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Site-Specific Architectural 
Stained Glass &
Fused Glass Goods

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Who We Are

Using the science of light and color, Lighthouse Glass creates art that will enhance your vision and transform a given space.

We are a Houston-based glass studio that's been creating custom glass windows, beveled glass work, & fused glass goods for over 30 years. We work in close collaboration with architects, interior designers and other professionals, as well as with individuals to create site-specific installations. We also create unique, hand-crafted fused glass goods.

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Architectural Stained Glass

Our site-specific stained architectural glass is tailor made to match your taste, vision, and space. Take a look at some of our work & get inspired, or click to learn about how it works. 

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Address: 2409 Huldy St, Houston, TX 77019, USA

Phone: 713-524-5945

Mobile: 713-256-8588

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